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Many might wonder what sets The Seychelles apart from its neighbours. The answer is pretty simple, and it has largely to do with the way the islands are promoted. Unlike other island destinations which have becoming hip with party-goers, The Seychelles is the perfect destination for tourists who want nothing more than peace and quiet. Honeymoon couples, meet the paradise you’ve been looking for. Island hopping is also a popular choice among tourists… why not piece together your own customized island hopping experience and take in everything The Seychelles has to offer?

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The restaurant on the cliff…

This seafood restaurant is located on a  coastal cliff near the famous beach in Zanzibar – Michanvi Pingve. So restaurant is called – “Rock”.  The restaurant can sail on a boat, but you can go barefoot in the sand – the owners will not be offended if you bring the sand to clean their floors. Because the floor is missing.