A Guide for A Pre Contest Cycle

Depending on your budget, a nice pre contest cycle will consist of various compounds, while slowly ramping down the test near the end, and increasing Trenbolone/Masterone combo alongside a nice hardening agent, like Winstrol, while dropping your water weight pre show. Use this layout as a guide; adjust where you see fit, and where permits budget. HGH and various peptides can also be used, Leave a comment below, and let me know your goals, and I will do my best to tailor any cycles to your current state, and budget.

Phase One: 8 weeks – Carb Cycle – and Re-feeds. This phase is concentrated on gaining as much muscle as you can, while keeping fat at a minimum. 3-4 HIIT Cardio Sessions Weekly.

  • 1-8 Testosterone Propionate 75mg/ed
  • 1-8 NPP 150mg/eod
  • 1-5 Choice of Oral, I’d suggest, Dianabol
  • T3 (Cytomel) Protocol