Testosterone Boosters and Their Functions

Men and testosterone – damn hard not to think of the other when you think of any one of these words! A broader skeletal structure (especially at the shoulders and along the upper torso), larger muscle mass, generous amounts of hair on face and practically everywhere on the body, except where it is most desired (read, the head), deeper voice, more aggression – these are all those secondary sexual characteristics that are the signatures of masculinity, thanks to testosterone, the prime man sex hormone. Although testosterone is also present in females, the plane is way lower than that in males. As much as testosterone is responsible for accentuating the normal male secondary sexual characteristics, this hormone (which also doubles up as an anabolic steroid) also plays a significant role in the development and well-being of male reproductive organs and its excess or deficiency is a determining factor with regards to sexual execution in males. So what is a testosterone booster? What does a testosterone booster do? The following segment lays out the details regarding this subject.