Mar del Plata
With 30 miles of coastline, Mar del Plata has sections of beach that have their own personality just as neighborhoods in a city have distinct local flavor. Some beaches are geared more toward the college crowd (such as Bristol)and surfers (headed to Playa Varresse) while others are dedicated to a family friendly feel (such as La Perla beach).

Downtown beaches including Bristol, Popular, Punta Iglesia, Las Toscas are centrally located and often very full. However, they have benefited from recent renovations and have the infrastructure to handle many thousands of sun worshipers. Get there early, or, cruise a bit further down the coast to see if you can find a spot at a less hectic beach.

Mar del Plata beaches have been described as the most crowded in the world, often dotted completely with the multi-colored tops of beach umbrellas. The busiest, most wild, and expensive months for visiting are December, January, and February. Things slow down in March, when families and retired couples are drawn to a slower paces and slightly more affordable accommodations. While these are the busiest months, the city never closes down. There will always be a hotel or bed and breakfast option, catering to those who are interested in the cultural and recreational activities offered during the cooler months.

Mar del Plata offers much more than just sand and water. When the sun goes down there is a lively night scene including the area of Alem street and Irigoyen (known for its many pubs and nightclubs) and the coast and Constitution Avenue. Also, there are museums, zoos, casinos, shopping, and other recreational activities that draw people to the city.